Executive Growth is the digital reimagination and rebirth of BISTalk, the Believing is Seeing talk radio show. Founded in the mid 90’s BISTalk was a show ahead of its time. A podcast before podcasts. An entirely unscripted and freewheeling hour long conversation with 1 guest. In the world of soundbites and hyper-scripted content BISTalk was a throwback to a bygone era, one of long-form conversation and storytelling.

BISTalk’s mission was to highlight top business leaders and executives, thought leaders and innovators throughout Southern CA, with the focus always on the individual and their story. Our guests are the pragmatic and courageous visionaries who, through their wisdom, leadership, and sheer force of will manifest the reality within which they desire to live. 25 years and over a thousand guests later that mission remains unchanged.

What has changed is the medium and the name. As with all things, what was once analog is now digital. As for the name, a new era warrants a new name and brand. Executive Growth is BISTalk 2.0, or perhaps 3.0 or 4.0. Whatever the iteration, the operative word here is growth. 

Executive Growth will continue to focus on individual growth through the shared collective experience. Career growth is simply the byproduct. Together, we will explore the skills and decisions, experiences and mindset, attitude and actions that separate the pragmatic visionary from the perpetual dreamer. This show is for the infinitely curious, the self-actualizer, and the go-getter. Those courageous and crazy enough to believe they can change the world, and those who wish to be.

Executive Growth In the studio