10: Tim Tadder, CEO of Tim Tadder Photography

Tim Tadder, Founder & CEO, Tim Tadder Photography joins Executive Growth to discuss while he fell in love with image-making as a teen in his father’s darkroom, it was something he learned playing college football that really propelled his career. Hard work yields amazing results – as in the harder he worked towards his goals the more amazing the accomplishments. It’s a simple mantra, the harder he works, the luckier he got. As a father, it’s something that he is diligently passing on to his two daughters. Watching them learn that accomplishing anything worthwhile takes commitment, sacrifice and focus; inspires him to keep pushing towards his goals. Twenty years ago he left behind a career as a high school teacher and football coach, to follow a dream of being a photographer. He truly started at the bottom, freelancing for community newspapers, then as a photojournalist, and ultimately collaborating on campaigns for the worlds most iconic consumer brands. Each step up is a reward for the countless hours sacrifice put towards his goals. It is said that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and nothing could be more true. Now with each triple bid, he knows he is competing with amazing talents. Though he believes that to be distinctive, inspiring and innovative, requires that he put every ounce of energy into the projects awarded to their team. He draws upon his experiences as a teacher and a team player to plan better, problem solve smarter and push himself, the talent and crew to deliver the very best performances possible. Success is the cumulative effort of all the little things along the way that make the work great. He is still climbing, scratching and clawing his way towards being his very best. He still approaches every opportunity to make images both moving and still with the same passion as his very first assignment. The craft of creating is never lost on him. Today he is the best version of himself – he’s evolved into a producer, director, writer and photographer, a true visual communicator. He is leveraging all the lessons he learned to make shrewder choices, be more efficient, and amplify his effectiveness to communicate.


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