13: Robert Swisher & Greg Flores, Co-founders of Frendli

Robert Swisher, CEO & Co-Founder, Frendli joins Executive Growth to discuss how he is a seasoned technology executive with 15+ years experience leading development of applications and systems running some of the most high traffic sites on the web. As a startup veteran, Robert has unique experience in taking a company from early stages into rapid growth.

Robert is the Founder and CEO of Frendli, a startup making the process of meeting new friends easy. Previously Robert served as CTO & Co-Founder at FestPop, a music festival and travel startup and CTO at Business.com. Robert was instrumental in both the capital raise and acquisition of Business.com from Dex One Inc. as well as the sale to strategic buyer, Purch, and the only member of the executive team to do both.

Robert Swisher studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University and has a hands on background in both engineering and operations. Robert began his career as a software engineer and quickly expanded his skills into system ops and architecture. Having risen through the ranks as an engineer he has a unique perspective to tech leadership. Robert has lead teams of Alexa Top 800 properties and was among the first to develop a method for live streaming to the iPhone. He is a strong proponent of Agile and Lean Methodologies and the DevOps movement. Robert has experience managing people, products, process and tech to work together in the most effective way possible as well as deep experience in all aspects of web application stacks. In 2015 Robert Swisher was selected by San Diego Magazine as a recipient of the annual Top Tech Exec Award, honoring outstanding leadership in the technology community.

Greg Flores, Co-Founder & CRO, Frendli joins Bob to discuss as the Senior VP and Head of Business Development of MP3.com, Greg was responsible for managing the advertising sales team. During his tenure, the net revenues of MP3.com saw rapid growth going from $1.1 million in 1998 (only a partial year) to $21 million in fiscal 1999. The company saw a 266 percent increase over net revenues in fiscal 2000, with $80 million in net revenues. In 2001, MP3.com was sold to Universal music for almost $400 Million.

After leaving MP3.com in 2001, Greg the Co-founder of Autospies (www.autospies.com), a premier automotive inside information site where he currently remains a partner in the company. Autospies is now one of the most recognized online automotive brands among automotive enthusiasts and insiders on the Internet. Prospected and closed major automotive advertisers and agencies including IPG, BMW, Toyota, GM, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus.

EVP, Business Development, Animusic, LLC

Greg also has worked with Animusic (www.animusic.com) since 2003. Animusic is a content creation company focused exclusively on computer animation of music. Greg is a partner and helps with business development. Since working with Animusic, Greg has been instrumental in taking sales from just over 100,000 DVDs to over 800,000. Negotiated co-marketing license agreements with Intel, Best Buy, The National Guitar Museum, Screenvision, Tektronix, Arenaplex, PlayNetwork, and others.

Frendli helps real people make real connections in the real world around their shared interests. After we’ve launched a new friendship, we match them with experiences and fun activities from local merchants. >>> Do you want new customers? <<< >>> Let’s connect!<<< Expertise in finding and executing on creative solutions for revenue, advertising sales, business development, and brand partnerships.

Frendli helps people who are trying to grow their circle of friends by connecting them with otherpeople who share their interests, activities, tastes and lifestyle and then driving them offline toshare unique experiences and build friendships by incentivizing through deals and discounts onthose experiences.


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